Featured AMS Galaxy USA installations



Located in Central Wisconsin, this third-generation dairy and beef operation relies on Urban CalfMom automatic calf feeders to stay on top of their 250+ calves. 

“The work is different now. We have more than twice as many calves to care for, but instead of spending time feeding, we do more cleaning and management,” says Jon. “The cleaning is easier, the calves are healthy, and we are seeing better rates of gain and bigger calves.”

    — Steve & Barb Pankratz



Varel dairy, inc. / bartelso, il

Varel Dairy  is a 900-cow operation, with 200 head of calves, utilizing one Urban CalfMom connected to four drinking stations with eight access points.

“The Urban CalfMom is well thought-out in its function and detail, with a cleaning system that works on its own twice a day,” Eric explains. “It’s a good machine, and we like the concept of one master-unit linked to additional drinking stations because it is a more economical way to spread the technology over more calves.”

    — Eric Varel 


New Day Dairy.jpg

new day dairy / clarksville, ia

With the help of AMS Galaxy USA, New Day Dairy expanded their 125-year-old family barn and transformed it into a modern, robotic dairy barn. They're now milking 105 cows (and growing!)

More than 2 years after installing our Astrea 20.20, we know we made the right decision.  We appreciate the machine's simplicity.  We also value the week-long tech school that taught us to perform preventative maintenance and repairs on our beloved "Rita" the robot.  This allows us to keep our repair costs low & cows milking even when there is a problem, which is inevitable when working with technology & machines.

    — Dan & Lynn Bolin



“AMS Galaxy USA has greatly enhanced our ability to manage our dairy farm. With the Astrea 20.20, Hetwin bedding robot, and Galaxy Comfort Brushes, our cow comfort is better and milk production is higher. These products have also allowed our dairy to become much less labor intensive. We love our Galaxy products! ”

    — Micah Martin




“Waldo Way Dairy Farm is home of the first robotic diary in the state. Our farm installed the Astrea 20.20 one year ago and was simply the best farm decision we ever made. Rosie Robot has given us the opportunity to catapult our raw milk dairy business into the future. During our first year there was a steep learning curve that came with owning a robot but the AMS Galaxy staff were readily available day or night, by phone, text or email when questions arose. Remarkable!”

“Our farm is thankful to be a part of the AMS Galaxy team!  Give them a call today for we believe that every dairy farm needs at least one of their robots. The best from our farm to yours.”

    — Ris and Trenton 


Valley Mound 2.jpeg

valley mound farms / scipio center, ny

“With the Alma Pro, our calves are eating 10 liters per day now and never have to wait to be fed. The Alma Pro has cut our labor to 1/3, and has allowed my parents to leave the farm and go on a cruise, which is something they've never been able to do in the farming careers up to now.

“For someone like me that that truly loves their calves, it’s one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever purchased and worth every penny.  I think the calves love it as much as I do!”

   — Mike Whitten